My daughter and I and soon-to-be 38 other new friends joined a Globus travel group for a Peruvian adventure.  For Sharon and me it was Stephanie Vogelsong who turned us on to the Globus Travel group.  As a former diver store owner who spent more than 30 years planning, organizing and running diving travel this was a new adventure for me.  I was not familiar with Globus, but a number of the other people on this trip were and all commented that they had enjoyed other trips with the company.   I personally was overwhelmed with how the trip leader, Enrique Medina, coordinated planes, busses and hotels in a seamless fashion.

Of course, my stated goal for this trip was to visit the famed site of Machu Picchu.  But the tour was more than this – it was history and culture and meeting new friends and exploring new foods.  In all a great adventure.  Thank you Stephanie Vogelsong    Here are a few (of many) photos.