My Background


Until January of 2006, I was the owner of ASK Scuba & Snorkeling Center, a SDI/TDI 5 star and PADI dive center in Dublin Ohio.  After 32 years in retail, I received an offer to sell that business.  I now have time to devote to diving for "fun" and that is one of the things that I have been doing. 


I have also been writing and in September of 2007, I sold my first novel.  The Stela Passageway is a mystery that involves a group of cave divers who discover a document in a passageway in the Yucatan.  If the contents of the document are made public, it will change the way the world thinks of the Spanish Catholic Church and the Mayan civilization.  The book, as well as The Jaguar's Paw, is presently out of print as hard copies, but they are both available on as eBooks. When I recovered the rights to the Stela Passageway, I did extensive re-writing to it.  This was based on input from a number of friends who had read the book.  Therefore the eBook version has been published as The Stela Cave to avoid confusion.

My second book, The Jaguar's Paw, featuring the same characters and diving in Belize and Honduras was published April 15, 2009.  The Jaguar’s Paw involves the discovery of stolen artifacts and their recovery.  Both of my novels involve a great deal of diving, but are factually accurate and reflect the sport I love in a positive light.  Like the Stela Cave, I have published The Jaguar’s Paw as an eBook on

I like to write fiction, based on historical facts.  Both of the above books are like that and my third novel - tentatively titled The Puzzle Box is also based on a historical fact.  I am working on this book now and hope to publish it as an eBook soon.


Shortly after my first two books were published, my daughter Sharon Mueller and I started a new adventure based on both of our love of baking.  We now own and operate The Dublin Cake Cottage.  This is a home-based, cottage industry bakery.  We specialize in cakes, but also bake Killer Lemon Bars and the Best Brownie You Will Ever Eat.


One disadvantage with owning a dive store is that I never got a lot of time to do a lot of local diving.  So in the summer of 2006 I tried to dive every quarry and dive site in ohio and surrounding areas.  Gilboa Quarry, Portage Quarry, Mt Storm, West Virginia; Circleville Twin Quarries, and  Lakeview Park all found place entries in my log book. 

That winter and fall I also dove in Belize, Cayman Brac,, Tahiti, Aqua Cat in the Bahamas and Ginnie Springs Florida.   My 2007 dive travels included: Grand Cayman and the Philippines and I continued to dive regularly at Gilboa, Portage, Circleville Twin Quarries and Lakeview Park in Lancaster.
In addition having been a PADI Master Instructor and an SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer, I was also a DAN Instructor Trainer.  My non-compete clause with the people who bought my store ended on January 5, 2009.  Since then I taught Discover Scuba Classes as well as adult swimming classes in my home pool.  In 20011 I retired from actively teaching SCUBA and became an Instructor Emiratis with PADI.

I am a Medic First Aid Master Trainer.  At the present time I teach Medic First Aid classes and instructor classes.  In addition to private classes, I have a contract with HSI (Medic First Aid’s parent company which is based in Eugene OR) to teach for them at a number of local venues, including Lowe’s Stores, the IRS, the DEA, the GAO and occasionally Granger Stores.   And through Safety Max, based in San Francisco, I teach for several other companies.

I am certified by Phillips to inspect their AED Units.  They have these Automatic Electronic Deliberators located in a number of retail and business places throughout Central Ohio.