Dear Carol,
Good Morning!

You have done so many CPR classes that I am sure you may not recall our Lowe’s store here in Heath, Ohio. But I remember you and all you have taught me over the previous few classes and I want to take a minute to Thank You.

While I appreciated Lowe’s insistence on the CPR/First Aid training and I know it is valuable information to have, I never really thought I would be in a position to use more than some basic first aid techniques. However, this past Monday, 5/1/2017, while doing some administrative work in my office, I received a call asking who are the  CPR certified employees. . . . I said “Me. . . Cary . . . . “ and before I could finish the list, I was asked to come to the lumber department.


There I found a gentleman on the floor, not moving, and not breathing. . .  I heard that the EMTs were on the way but the fellow was turning blue and had no pulse. As uncertain as I was about things, I was hearing your voice tell me how to take the next step. . . I was scared that I was doing things wrong but knew that doing nothing was worse. I was able to do chest compressions until the EMTs arrived and they continued, used the AED and their life saving equipment and eventually they got a strong pulse.


While the EMTs were doing their job, I sat aside breathing, meditating, and again, hearing you say that “You might never know the out come of these events. . . You will experience emotions.” Knowing that the flood of emotions that came after was normal, I understood that the crying and nervousness I felt was a release of adrenaline and emotion . . .and that it was OK.


I have heard that the gentleman is doing well and I am so happy that he is alive and with his family. . .  I am also grateful that I received the training and was a part of making a difference for someone. I wanted to express my thanks to you . . . Your training gave me the courage and knowledge to step in and help. By teaching me, and folks like me, you are making a difference and a positive impact in our world!


Thank you so much for everything you do!!



Julie M. Nader

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