I first went to Grand Cayman in 1972.   Over the years I kept going back because I loved the friendliness of the people and the diving has always been spectacular.  The island is situated in such a way that there is rarely, if ever, a day you can’t dive.  In addition it is surrounded by some of the most fantastic walls you could imagine.  Most of these photos were taken at Dive Tech, but trust me, the diving around the whole island is great.  I have especially enjoyed the north wall where I did some great rebreather dives.  Not making sounds (of bubbles) allows you to get very up close and personal with the aquatic life.


My first trip to Grand Cayman was just after I negotiated the sale of ASK Scuba & Snorkeling Center.  These photos were taken by the dive guide and Little Cayman Beach Resort.  

 my passion has given me the opportunity to travel the world  Here are some locations I have visited


This is a slide show of both land and diving sites in the Galapagos.  We were aboard the Galapagos Aggressor I with Wayne Hasson, one of the company’s owners.  The land tours were exciting as was all of the diving.  The encounters with whale sharks were incredible.  On my first feet first descent at one site where they had been spotted I hit “bottom” with my fins.  I was a bit thrown off because I was only at 35 feet and I thought the water was much deeper.  Then I looked down.  I was standing, literally, on the back of one of these gentle giants.  On another occasion I was hanging at my 15 foot safety stop when I felt I was being watched.  I turned to my right and there was a “small” whale shark (she was about 15 feet long) just hanging out with me.  I ran out of air just hanging with her.  The photos of our encounters with other Sharks and Rays are on my cover page.

The Bahamas.

As a dive store owner for more than 32 years I spent a lot of time booking other divers on the live-aboard boats owned by the Blackbeard’s Cruises.  But I had never had an opportunity to dive one of their boats myself.  So when Peggy Purdy, one of the company owners, invited me to spend a week on Aqua Cat, their deluxe Catamaran that sails out of Nassau I jumped at the chance.  As a single diver, I found that it was not difficult to hook up with other dive buddies.  Aqua Cat has a very professional staff including a gourmet chef.  It was a wonderful week of diving and meeting new friends.