Portage Quarry

I first dove Portage Quarry when we used to access the abandoned site from the South Road.  Years later Jeff Rice leased the site and created a recreation area complete with swimming beach, camp sites, a band for concerts and a decent dive shop   He also added attractions such as boats and air planes. And in August of several years in a row, he hosted the Legends of Diving event.  Bob Croft, a navy diver who had set a record for deep breath hold diving, was a guest one year.  Zale Perry, who was a stunt diver in the Sea Hunt TV Series cam one summer and willingly posed for underwater photos.  Unfortunately Portage is now closed to diving because  of it being used as a construction dump site.

Giilboa Quarry

‚ÄčThis quarry is located just west of Finley OH.  It is a popular site for technical divers because of its depth (about 140 feet) and clear water.  Diving Unlimited international (DUI) uses the quarry for it;s very popular DUI Demo Dives.  These photos were taken during a demo dive weekend.  During the weekend Joe Wysocki also ran underwater photo classes and offered test dives with some of the cameras he represented.  Unfortunately, Joe was killed in a boating accident a few years ago.

Ohio Diving

Circleville Twin Quarries

It's just a half hour drive from my house and during the early spring and late fall the visibility is pretty nice.   I like just packing my dive gear and jumping in the water an hour later.