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Welcome to the Scuba Lady - a site devoted to diving and Other topics.  this is about me and my friends.  not all stories relate to diving,  some just involved interesting travel

Diving and touring in Hawaii​.

32 Years of Diving Travel!

first rebreather dives
 In the spring of 1995 as  I was sitting at an outdoor bar in Grand Cayman, I watched some divers learning how to use Rebreathers.  Curiosity got the best of me and the next thing I knew I found myself talking them in into giving me a Rebreather Demo dive. 

Diving History


My first Scuba Training class was really my second real exposure to scuba diving.   The first was in Havre Montana where I dove with a double hose regulator and a tank that had a decal on the side that said "never hold your breath".

2015 Compliant

Our Medic First Aid Training Center is 2015 Compliant.