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Welcome to the Scuba Lady - a site devoted to diving and Other topics.  this is about me and my friends.  not all stories relate to diving,  some just involved interesting travel

first rebreather dives
 In the spring of 1995 as  I was sitting at an outdoor bar in Grand Cayman, I watched some divers learning how to use Rebreathers.  Curiosity got the best of me and the next thing I knew I found myself talking them in into giving me a Rebreather Demo dive. 

Diving History


My first Scuba Training class was really my second real exposure to scuba diving.   The first was in Havre Montana where I dove with a double hose regulator and a tank that had a decal on the side that said "never hold your breath".

2015 Compliant

Our Medic First Aid Training Center is 2015 Compliant.  

CPR & First Aid

By Appointment.  Write scuba.one@hotmail.com for details

Diving and touring in Hawaii​.

32 Years of Diving Travel!